roller skating with a stroller

Roller Skating With a Stroller

If you’re a parent who loves roller skating, you might be wondering if it’s possible to roller skate outdoors with a stroller. The short answer is yes! Roller skating with a stroller is a great way to get some exercise while spending time with your little one. Skating is a fun way to get outside in the fresh air, while being active in a way that doesn’t impact your joints like running can. Just because you’ve had a baby recently, doesn’t mean you have to wait four or five years to get back on skates!

Whenever you feel comfortable lacing up, remember these tips so you can skate safely and comfortably with your baby stroller while getting your skating fix.

  • First, make sure that your stroller is compatible with higher speeds. Check the manufacturer’s website if you don’t own a jogging stroller that has the larger wheels in the back, with a smaller/wider front wheel. Jogging strollers tend to have better maneuverability and suspension systems that can handle rocks or sticks on the path.
  • While safety gear is absolutely necessary in playing derby, some people prefer to skate outdoors with less gear on. This is totally a personal choice, but we do recommend wearing a helmet and wrist guards at least. If you fall unexpectedly, the helmet will protect your noggin and the wrist guards will keep you from breaking something. You can’t comfortably feed and hold your child with a badly injured hand! #safetyissexy
  • If you’re using a preowned stroller or one that’s not specifically designed for roller skating, there are a few things you can do to make it more stable and easy to control. Add weight to the base of the stroller by filling it with sandbags or other heavy objects. We all know those diaper bags can weigh a ton anyway!
  • While it’s fun, it’s not like walking or jogging. You move slower than you would if you were skating without a stroller. You have to be cautious about your speed and the stroller’s position in front of you.
  • You have to keep at least one hand on the handle(s) at all times. It’s easy when you’re on straightaways but can be a little harder on curves. The weight of the stroller can break your pace and make it hard to maintain your speed.
  • You need extra space around you so that other people can walk/run/bike by easily.
  • It’s better to skate with a buddy that can keep pace with you or that doesn’t mind skating behind or in front of you. Plus having someone to talk to can keep the workout feeling easier and more fun!

Roller skating with a stroller is a great way to get some exercise and spend time with your little one. It takes practice before you get good at it, especially if you’re just getting back into skating after a long break. (aren’t we all?!) Roller skating with a stroller IS possible, but it’s not as easy as regular skating even if you’ve been skating for years. With a little practice, you’ll be skating like a pro in no time!

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  1. Hey Ratchet and Taco!! It’s your girl Nicole (4WheelFitness) 🥰 I love this article and I miss my Bout Betties peeps!

    I started stroller skating in 2014 when my youngest was born. We graduated from a stroller, to the Little TOTS blue car (with push handle) as he got older.

    Over our 3-4 year journey, the most important thing I learned very quickly was to get a helmet for my little guy. Even though we weren’t falling all over the place, it helped protect his little head during rough patches, and bumpy spots. And if we did fall, at least his head was protected. As he got older and we transitioned to the blue car from Little Tots, I upgraded and added pads for more protection. We had a few falls, and it was reassuring with the protection.

    Learn how to plow stop 🛑 Dirty Deb and others have great instructional videos. Being a strong stopper is important.

    I recommend wearing bright clothing no matter what time of day you are out. I had a reflective vest I would put on that still did the job during the day and in the evening. I also wore full gear, and invested in good, gummy outdoor wheels. The gummier, the better. My wheels will roll over boulders lol.

    To start, I downloaded mapmyfitness and we would street skate out 10 min, then back 10 min. I just skated around my neighborhood, and at parks that had paved paths to start. I slowly increased our time out and back as we both felt more comfortable, and we were all set! Once we felt more comfortable, we were setting goals by miles instead of minutes. Now my little guy is skating 10+ miles with me. I really feel like getting him out there with me sparked his love for skating!

    Have fun stroller skaters!! It goes by so quickly. Hit me up if you need any recommendations or support! @4wheelfitness

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