Have Derby Christmas every single month! Each month revolves around a theme & includes custom themed roller derby apparel, gear/accessories, & stickers delivered straight to your door. Gift them to your derby wife or teammate, or snag one all for yourself. #treatyoself

Packs sell quickly! Be sure to check our apparel counter to see if your size is still available.


Don't worry, you're not alone. Just means you've been glued to the track. Click below to learn more.

Bout Betties Pack

Includes 3-4 items: 1 themed custom roller derby apparel item, 1 accessory/gear item, & 1 sticker.

Apparel Pack

Includes 1 themed custom roller derby apparel item ONLY.

Bout Betties Classic

*Please Note: Bout Betties Classic apparel is NON-CUSTOM.*

Includes a mix of NON-CUSTOM apparel, accessories, gear, a snack, & more. Please choose the Bout Betties Pack or Apparel Pack for CUSTOM apparel.

Derby Flair Club

Includes a mix of 3-4 flair items: Enamel pins, patches, buttons, stickers & more. Every month will feature a derby artist who we've partnered with to design custom derby art.

Create derby goods?

With no monthly membership costs & low fees, selling on our site is a low risk way to start your online roller derby business. Start selling today.

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