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ways to be inclusive to people of color in the derby & skating community

We wanted to gather thoughts and provide ideas for those looking for ways to help diversify your leagues. Creating a safe space for skaters of all races, ...

painting your skates to cover a logo

Some of you are looking for ways to cover logos on your skates, check out some tried and true ideas from fellow derby peeps. There's many ways to be creative, ...

how to use a Stretcher strap

We are not licensed physical trainers so please don't hurt yourself using one of these. We just want to provide you with ideas on how to use a stretcher strap ...

Animals and Bout Betties boxes

In the past we sent our derby goodies in cardboard boxes which were super gorgeous but super expensive. We had to make the hard choice of pretty boxes (that ...

5 minute bout looks! pt 2 We love makeup and know that many of you do too. What better way to try new bout looks than to give yourself an unreasonable ...

5 minute bout looks!

We love makeup and know that many of you do too. What better way to try new bout looks than to give yourself an unreasonable amount of time to put makeup on? ...

Presale info!

Hey all! Quick share today: In case you don't know, we create and design most of the derby apparel we sell on our site. We have a love for coming up with ...

After practice soak

Hi Badass Betties, We are back for another DIY Tuesday! This time we are showing you how to make your own after practice soak. It relaxes your sore muscles ...

Roller derby makeup: beautiful & scary

Without further ado here are some of our favorite Makeup Monday submissions, this week we have Beautiful & Scary! We loved how your makeup looks filled us ...

Roller derby makeup: Glitter edition

Ziggy Starthrust | Cornfed Derby Dames For our first Makeup Monday inspo post, we wanted to highlight these user submitted pics of amazing women that have a ...

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9 months ago

Socks – Ouija Knee-Highs

We all know we need various knee-high socks to portray our derby moods. Junior Fit.
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  1. Yay! Oh wow, we didn’t even think of that. Thanks for writing and sharing with us. Tag us on Instagram so we can see! -Ratchet

  2. Score! That’s awesome, thanks for letting us know you successfully made your own leash!


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