Managing a Smaller League

There are challenges that every league faces. The issues are different for a larger league than a smaller one. I was with a very small league and we faced many ...

Keeping the fun in Derby

If you are like me, you originally joined derby because you needed an outlet that was fun and was exercise at the same time. Over the past few years, I have ...

5 minute bout looks!

We love makeup and know that many of you do too. What better way to try new bout looks than to give yourself an unreasonable amount of time to put makeup on? ...

To Stretch or Not To Stretch? by Iron Octopus Fitness

GUEST POST: We love hearing from the derby community because everyone trains for derby differently. Email us at collab@boutbetties.com to submit your ...

My Derby story: Teegan aka Peeches N Screem

GUEST POST: We love hearing from the derby community because everyone experiences derby differently. It's so great to hear what got you started and kept you ...

Presale info!

Hey all! Quick share today: In case you don't know, we create and design most of the derby apparel we sell on our site. We have a love for coming up with ...

After practice soak

Hi Badass Betties, We are back for another DIY Tuesday! This time we are showing you how to make your own after practice soak. It relaxes your sore muscles ...

I’m a fresh meat, HELP!

As always, this post is not sponsored by any of the below mentioned or linked companies. The opinions are purely those of the author. Welcome to roller ...

DIY T-shirt cutting idea

Derby has a rich background in the DIY culture, whether it’s makeup, outfits or equipment storage. You name it and someone has DIY’d something amazing to ...

Roller derby makeup: beautiful & scary

Without further ado here are some of our favorite Makeup Monday submissions, this week we have Beautiful & Scary! We loved how your makeup looks filled us ...

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