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🖤 So excited! I’ve been wanting a pair of glitter skates for ages but didn’t want to spend a lot of money after having already bought 2 pairs of skates. Bout Betties to the rescue! Their first skate, the @bout_betties Champagne Dream, is gorgeous yet budget friendly. They have some great features (including metal plate and adjustable toe stop) for a low price so I was keen to check them out! These are definitely worth a look for skaters on a budget, those just starting out, or anyone looking for a comfy glitter skate.


Got some beautiful ✨✨#boutbetties skates for Christmas! I would’ve done a whole unboxing thing but she wouldn’t take them off. However, I did try them out at the store and they feel super comfortable, wide toe area, outdoor wheels, and thick inner padding. Very affordable skates at $130+. I’m like a (lower end) intermediate skater (I’d say), so I’m curious to see how they hold up during the 365. I’ll keep you posted. 👍🏼


These @bout_betties skates are truly a dream 😍 These #champagnedreams skates are perfect for recreational skating. The boot is vegan and very comfortable. The wheels can be used indoors or outdoors, the toe stops are nice and grippy (not a bolt-on or hard plastic!) and it's a vegan to boot! They're not just beautiful and but affordable. Check out Bout Betties, support a small brand run by BIPOC women Veterans who have supported our country and skating community.


I am honestly loving these skates. 🙌 I've put around 8 hours on them so far & I'm finally living my disco dreamsss. They're super comfy, especially for a non-leather material. Wide toe box, & the stock toestops are also really good! Pretty stoked about these bbs!✨

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