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  • Quad Roller Skate – “Champagne Dreams”


    *In Men’s sizes. A men’s size is a size and a half smaller than women’s sizes.*

    These are a great beginner recreational skate, not intended to be used at the skate park.

    Microfiber (composite) leather: Vegan friendly!

    Aluminum alloy eyelets: Durable through many tightening and relacing sessions.

    Aluminum plate: Provides stability as aluminum plates won’t flex like a cheaper nylon plate. This means you won’t lose/waste any energy into the plate when doing things like accelerating from a dead stop, coming to a stop or when using your edges. This is especially important if you weigh over 160.

    Machine Stitched soles:
    Keeps the boot firm and secure to the sole so you can shift your weight without fear of the sole flexing.

    ABEC 7 bearings: Great for outdoor use, recreational skating, and roller derby skating. This is the industry standard with most skates.

    85A Wheels:  Wheels can be used for both indoor or outdoors but just know that they are softer wheels which helps for outdoor use and may feel sticky/grippier on floors than harder indoor wheels would.

    Polyurethane adjustable toe stop: Being able to adjust your toe stop to the height you need is major. (Bolt-on toe stops don’t allow for any adjusting). This is also AMAZING when it comes time to replace your worn out toe stops! You just need a wrench to remove it and can use any other brand/size/density of toe stop you want. This prevents you from having to buy a whole new replacement plate.

    Laces 88″ long: This length is perfect for those of you that like double knotting your laces, or wrapping your laces around your skate for extra tightness.

    Padded tongue: Provides extra comfort on the top of your foot to keep laces from rubbing you the wrong way.

    90A PU Cushions

    Ventilation holes: Small ventilation holes on the inside and outside arches of the skates.

  • Shorts – “Lead Siren Mermaid”


    These mermaid shorts include a slightly higher waistband, as well as elastic around the thigh to help keep them from riding up.

    • Super soft, wicking material
    • Compression shorts
    • Wide waistband
  • Sports Bra – “Apex Predator Bra”


    Size Guide

  • Sports Bra – “For The Love of Derby”


    Size Guide

  • Sports Bra – “Lead Siren Mermaid”


    Did you hear the Siren’s call? This mermaid bras colors look gorgeous on every skin tone, and the fun strappy back will probably have you practicing without a shirt on.

  • Sports Bra- “Made For Derby”


    Size Guide

  • Leggings – “Apex Predator”

    • Super soft, wicking material
    • Compression leggings
    • Wide waistband
    • Comfortable length for wearing knee pads
  • Studs & Rivets


    -Most sets comes in a pack of 20, unless listed below.
    -Skull stud set comes in a pack of 5.
    -Colored studs will come in a random mix of colors.

  • Mystery Pack


    This box will contain a mix of past products, samples, and store items. It is the perfect way to get some fun gift items for your derby lovin’ friend along with a few surprises for yourself too!

  • Skate Luggage Tag


    Who needs a plain old luggage tag when you can sport your love of derby on all of your gear bags and luggage with this badass skate tag.

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