With every subscription purchased, Bout Betties donates a portion to a random league each month. Let’s help keep our derby community rollin’!

Skater-owned & operated teams work their butts off to keep their league going, but we know it can still be hard work. We want to help. We’ll toss all the WFTDA leagues, WFTDA apprentice leagues, RDCL, JRDA, Renegade, USARS and Made leagues in a hat & pick a lucky winner each month, though there’s a little more technology behind it than that. As skaters on 2 different teams, we know firsthand how important it is to raise money for things like training, travel & just the overall growth of your roller derby program. It’s great to know you’re helping to support another kickass derby team, no matter where they are across the country. Listed below are our past recipients, maybe you’ll see your team pop up here soon!

You Live Derby, So Do We.

Doesn't mean you have to break the bank to show the world your love of derby. Quality derby apparel, gear/accessories, & stickers will have you ready to hit the track.

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