derby gifts, galore!

Check out Bout Betties new One Time Packs! Snag one for the skater or NSO in your life & #winbestgiftever!

"broken betties" pack

We know from experience that hurting yourself is not fun. No one is ever prepared for it but this one time box can be a great care package to give to an injured teammate.

"The Pack is Here" Pack

This pack is “officially” the best gift for a Ref. It’s filled to the brim with tons of zebra love, and can be a great thank you gift for officiating a weeklong tournament or just because.

"NSO Squad" Pack

NSOs are the backbone of derby, despite being #teamnofun. What better way to thank them for their time, than gift them this wonderful bird loving pack? You’ll become known as an A+ gift giver in your league, and they’ll come flocking to you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

"For the Gents" Pack

Have a men’s derby player in your life and struggle to find them a gift? This no frills box was created with them in mind, and has lots of handy gear they can use all season long.

"Oh Baby, BayBay" Pack

Are you pregnant or know a teammate that is/was? We got you boo! This pack is equal parts adorbs and a special way to make that Momma feel special and pampered.


Wait out any potential quarantines by curling up with this comfy hoodie blanket, some snacks and a coloring book. Use that time to treat yourself to some self care (and good hygiene!) and take a bath with this great smelling bath bomb. Let’s all continue working together to keep ourselves, the derbyverse and our larger communities safe out there.