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We’re sisters who are new to derby but have always had an underlying yearning to become hard-hitting roller derby chicks. Bout Betties would never have existed without the inspiration from a very close friend of ours who just happens to be the most badass derby broad we know (see pic).

We hope you all enjoy your Bout Betties deliveries, tag us #BAbetties on social media so we can “meet” all of our wonderful derby lovin’ subscribers! We’d love it if you could share the site with your team or any friends who love roller derby, to help spread the word for next months delivery. We love designing apparel, & finding awesome derby lifestyle products to share with the community, so stay tuned to see what we find for you next!


Jessica “Taco Bruiseday” skates with North Texas Roller Derby & Rachel “Ratchet-Face” helps train new skaters in the Omaha Roller Derby boot camp program. It all started one wintery afternoon in 2010 after watching “Whip it”, Jessica & Crystal aka “Bricks Hit-house” started talking about how effin awesome it would be to join a local league. Unfortunately a lot of talk… & time went by and neither joined.

Being fresh out of the military, it was inevitable that we would all go our separate ways but Bricks, being the bad ass that she is said eff it and joined the South Shore Sirens in Oahu, HI in 2011. She continued to grow as a player & become better & better with every passing year. Once she moved back to the States all three of us started talking about subscription boxes & the need for one for all the derby peeps.

Fast forward to November 2015 after attending one of Bricks’ bouts in NY, that’s when we had our own eff it moment & started getting the ball rolling. We knew we both had a love for the community that was built into derby & thought it was about time we started something that would cater to you all. In early 2016 we both decided it was long overdue that we both join a team in our cities. And the rest is history…

You Live Derby, So Do We.

Doesn't mean you have to break the bank to show the world your love of derby. Quality derby apparel, gear/accessories, & stickers will have you ready to hit the track.

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