Vendor Terms

Vendor Terms

To apply: If you don’t have one already, head over to the registration page to create a new member account. If you already have a member account, login & head over to the vendor dashboard to apply to become a vendor.


  • There will be 3.5% transaction fee from Bout Betties (+ the standard Payment processing fees), this allows for us to include additional marketing on our social networks to bring more eyes to your shop.
  • Each seller is responsible for his/her own local, state, and federal taxes and any necessary licensing fees.
  • Each Seller is responsible for his/her own shipping and handling fees and supplies.
  • All applicable local, state and federal taxes and any necessary licensing fees are the responsibility of the individual shop owner.
  • If we close your shop because you’ve ignored our rules we will not refund any fees. If we close your shop because of extreme customer complaints, we may also keep any or all pending commissions.


Vendors may set their own prices and package configurations. When pricing your products, please keep in mind that our system does not add in shipping costs.  All shipping is at the seller’s expense.


  • No outbound links allowed.
  • Each of your listings has a space where you can provide all necessary information about the item.
  • Each of your listings will automatically include a link back to your Storefront where you can include pertinent information such as shipping times and your own Terms & Conditions, or “About Me” info to personalize your shop, as well as a customized logo.

You may NOT use any promotional methods to lead customers away from Bout Betties Marketplace. Any vendor caught doing so will immediately have their shop deleted and all fees owed will be retained by Bout Betties Marketplace.


  • Sellers are responsible for complaints related to their specific shop only. Customer complaints that come directly to Bout Betties will be directed or forwarded to the individual Seller.
  • If, for any reason, your shop is suspended or closed, you forfeit any and all fees and any and all transactions that haven’t been transferred.


  • Orders should be shipped in 1-2 business days, unless otherwise stated for custom products.
  • If you’re interested in bulk shipping options, you can look into Pirate Ship.
  • Seller must use Order Comments to send tracking number to Buyer.
  • Seller is responsible for all shipping and packing costs.
  • Seller is responsible for insuring package, if necessary.


  • We HIGHLY encourage you to connect a Stripe account to your Shop under the settings tab. Connecting your Stripe account will allow automatic payments to be deposited to your account after each transaction. If you don’t have a Stripe account, you can easily set one up for free here.
  • You will automatically receive an email notification every time someone orders from your shop and completes the payment process.
  • Sellers’ orders and commissions are instantly visible on the Vendor Dashboard Orders Report.
  • Once the payment process is complete, your payment is transferred to your account. This can take up to 7 days for the first payment, and then about 2-3 days on any payments after.
  • Shops with no activity will be automatically deleted after 90 days and no refunds will be issued.


While your focus is on selling your derby products, our focus here at Bout Betties Marketplace is on providing the best roller derby marketplace for our customers. In the end, our goals are the same: You want to sell more products and we want you to sell more products. But to achieve that goal for both of us, our focus must be on making it as easy as possible for customers to feel comfortable shopping our site.

PRODUCT TITLES: Always include a clear product description with up to 51 characters, including spaces.

IMAGES: When you enter an image on one of your listings that same image is used in several different locations on the site and each location shows your image at a different size. Your image will look best in all locations if it is 500 pixels high by 500 pixels wide. Feel free to include various images to depict your products, whether it be lifestyle shots or your product alone on a white background.

**Using images that are smaller than 500 x 500, may cause your image to appear stretched and blurry in some of the larger locations. Using images that are larger than 500 x 500, causes a drain on the load time for the customer because our system has to work to resize your images before it can show them to the customer. Therefore, images larger than 500 x 500 or images that are excessively large will be deleted and you’ll have to upload a size that is more appropriate.

Warning: Any vendor who violates any of our policies may have his or her shop deleted without warning and all sales accrued will be forfeited, regardless of the amount.  We may also file a payment dispute against you to recoup losses due to customer refund requests that come in after you’re gone.  This website is owned by two skaters just trying to get your shop & products out to the world, let’s do our best to work together to accomplish it!

We reserve the right to change any or all of our Terms and Conditions at any time.

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