How to Sell

How To Sell

Thanks for your interest in selling on Bout Betties Marketplace! If you make or sell roller derby related products you’ll be perfect for the Bout Betties Marketplace.

To apply to become a Bout Betties vendor:

  1. If you don’t have one already, head over to the registration page to create a new member account. If you already have a member account, login & head over to the vendor dashboard to apply to become a vendor.
  2. By applying to become a vendor you are agreeing to the Vendor Terms & Conditions.
  3. Fill out the Store Description & Seller Info to give us a better understanding of your shop. You can modify your Shop info at any time.
  4. As long as you’re selling Roller Derby related products, we’ll approve your application within 24-48 hours & you’ll receive an email.
  5. Log back in & start filling in your shop information.
  6. Click on “Add Product” to start adding items for sale.

Some things to understand about being a Vendor:

  1. Your original registration username is who you are on the site.
  2. When you become a Vendor you also gain a Shop.
  3. All your products are included in your Shop.
  4. Your original registration username is the one who owns your Shop.
  5. If someone visits your Profile page they will see you have a Shop.
  6. If someone visits your Shop they will see your username as the Shop Owner.

We encourage adding unique branding graphics to your Store. To do this visit your “Vendor Dashboard” & click the Settings tab, then the Branding tab.

Store branding graphics recommended sizes:

1) Store Banner 1210 x 284 pixels
2) Store Icon 400 x 400 pixels


1) Only list Roller Derby related items.

2) List in the proper category. This makes all the search functions work efficiently and lets people find things easier.

3) Be aware of your shipping costs:

  • For shipping to calculate properly in a buyer’s cart you must use the Inventory tab to turn on Manage Stock and set Stock Qty to the quantity of the item you have.
  • Use the Shipping tab to set your shipping charges for each item.
  • There are different boxes for domestic and international shipping. Set prices for both of these, or toggle international off if you don’t want to ship overseas.
  • Don’t skimp on packaging. No one wants their stuff showing up dented, scratched or broken.

4) We take pride in photography here. Take quality photos of your items from multiple angles – wides and close-ups from various angles in good lighting. Customers want to know exactly what they’re buying. Photos must be of your actual item in your actual possession. Don’t post photos other than your own item.

5) Keep your photos about 500×500 pixels. There is really no need to post a massive poster-sized image for web viewing. Smaller images also help us conserve server space.

6) No selling of non-copyrighted items (like a reprint of an old sticker pack or t-shirt) unless with permission from the copyright holder.

7) People buying your items are your customers, treat them well. Your return policy is the responsibility of you the seller and not Bout Betties.

8) We hate spam of any kind. Don’t post that shiza.

9) Roller Derby is fun, let’s keep the fun going here. And just like on the track…Don’t be a douchebag rules apply here as well!

Have an idea but still need it produced? Email us at to learn more about our in-house printing services.

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