Roller derby makeup: Glitter edition

March 12, 2020

Ziggy Starthrust | Cornfed Derby Dames

For our first Makeup Monday inspo post, we wanted to highlight these user submitted pics of amazing women that have a love of bout makeup like we do. If you’re like me and like going through Pinterest or videos for inspiration, you may have noticed that there’s either old bout looks from years ago or Halloween looks done by makeup artists. It’s hard to hit that sweet spot in the middle and find good pictures of real Derby Girls that bout in makeup. We wanted to celebrate them here by doing a roundup of some of our favorite looks that incorporated glitter. There are various degrees of talent and skill below, but there’s bound to be something that inspires you to dig out your makeup and get applying.

We’d love to interview those of you that have bout looks you like to do, to find out what products you swear by. Makeup can be an intimidating process for those that don’t have experience putting it on or are just getting into it. We want to focus on that problem and create step by step YouTube videos that will help break down how to use specific products and create different looks. If you have a video you’ve recently made and want to submit it, email us! We’d love to try it out and even feature your look on YouTube and across our social media channels. If you have a look you’ve seen online and want us to recreate it, show us on social media!

Let’s take the intimidation out of makeup and learn together. It can be a fun and messy process, but definitely one that helps round out your derby persona and makes for some kickass bout photos. Email us at letsjam @ so we can chat! Stay tuned for another Makeup Monday coming soon, until next time Bad Ass Betties… dig out that makeup and get practicing!

Derby love,


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