Roller derby makeup: Glitter edition

Ziggy Starthrust | Cornfed Derby Dames For our first Makeup Monday inspo post, we wanted to highlight these user submitted pics of amazing women that have a ...

☀ How to dry your gear ☀

Hey Betties! Last week we talked about how to wash your gear and as promised today we are talking about ways to dry your gear after you wash it or even ...

How to wash your gear

  User created image by She’ll Laya Out Welcome Betties, Today we are going to talk about washing our gear.  During the first day of ...

The Bout Betties Team

Get to know us here! Have you ever wanted to learn more about who’s behind creating these kickass boxes for you each & every month? Or maybe you wanna know ...

Welcome to the Bout Betties Marketplace

Ratchet-Face & Taco Bruiseday here…we wanted to say a huge thank you for stopping by. We started the BB Marketplace so that we could bring together all ...

We Want You!

Are you interested in contributing to our Bout Betties blog? We’re currently looking for derby enthusiasts to write blog posts. Are you a derby fan, derby ...

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