How to make your own skate leash

March 12, 2020

Hello Betties,

Today we are doing another diy project. We all know that skate leashes are a great thing to have. Of course you can buy them at your favorite skate supply store but if you are in a crafty mood, own a sewing machine and have a few free minutes here is how to make your own.

For the purpose of this blog post I’m going to assume you have a basic knowledge of a sewing machine and sewing.


  • 4.5 feet of 1″ cotton belting (I used that because it’s soft but you can also use 1″ nylon webbing)
  • 4.5 feet of 5/8″ ribbon (this is optional since its just for decoration)
  • sewing thread that matches your belting or the ribbon
  • two 1″ D-rings
  • pins, scissors and a sewing machine

I bought all my supplies at my local craft store. Because the ribbon came on a 9 foot roll and the D-rings in a pack of four I bought double the amount of belting (9 feet) and spent less than $11 after coupons for supplies to make two leashes.


My first step was to secure the ribbon on the belting with a pin. Then I sewed it on to the belting with a zigzag stitch. I made sure to go back and forth a few times.



Then I stitched the ribbon on to the belting with a simple running stitch.

When I came to the end of the belting I cut the ribbon to the same length and repeated the zigzag stitch on that end. Then I sewed the other side of the ribbon to the belting with a running stitch.

At the end I secured my thread and cut it.




Next I grabbed my D-ring and slid it on the decorated belting.





For the next step I threaded the belting back through the D-ring








and then I folded the end over about an inch and a halff securing it with a pin.



I did the same thing on the opposite side.

To secure the ends I did a running stitch back and forth a few times in two places as you can see in the pictures.

This is how it should look from the other side.


I repeated that step on the other side and was done!

Stay tuned for more Derby inspired DIYs and helpful hints brought to you by Bout Betties.


Derby Love,




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  1. The step by step images aren’t loading for me! I would love to make this, but I don’t see a final result picture.

    • Hey Sarah, thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. We will work on getting the post pictures updated ASAP.
      Derby Love
      -Taco Bruiseday

  2. I just made this and I think a 4.5 feet ended up being to long I think 3 feet might have been better.

    • That’s a great hint for someone who likes their leash a bit shorter. Thank you.

      Derby Love ArieHell

  3. I’m so excited! I didn’t want a bigger bag for my derby gear. I made my leash in about 20 minutes using your measurements/pictures. Your directions were great. I thought it might be too long because I’m only 5′ tall, but it is perfect. Almost everything I needed happened to be on sale for 50% off at Hobby Lobby, so this cost me less than $4 to make.

  4. This is so helpful & looks great. So excited to make one! Thank youuu ?

    • Yaasss! Glad to hear this tutorial helped! We’d love to see your finished project, tag us on IG or FB @bout_betties when you’re done. <3

  5. Just wanna tell you thank you so much. I live in Malaysia so its hard to buy some roller skate leash, it’s hard to find (so far unavailable even local online shop) or I need to buy international which is very expensive just for a leash. Truly appreciate your tutorial. Now I have a cute ombre rainbow leash too ?

    • Yay! Oh wow, we didn’t even think of that. Thanks for writing and sharing with us. Tag us on Instagram so we can see! -Ratchet

  6. Just finished making my leash! Took me like 10 minutes and cost like $6 with supplies from Joann fabrics. Thanks!

  7. Hello, would you be able to use some kind of heavy duty glue instead of sewing? Thanks!

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