how to use a Stretcher strap

June 25, 2020

We are not licensed physical trainers so please don’t hurt yourself using one of these. We just want to provide you with ideas on how to use a stretcher strap for flexibility after exercise or practice. Please talk to your doctor if you experience prolonged aggravated muscles or soreness after using this and be safe!

We had a custom stretcher strap manufactured for us to be able to send in full Bout Betties packs and also recently the Classic pack. These straps are handy for stretching various parts of your body, and pack up easily in a derby bag since they fold flat. They’re great if you’re not really flexible and can’t reach your toes, but they also help with physical therapy if you’ve had an injury.

There’s various spots to hold so you can get a deeper stretch if you use the inside loops. Each loop is easy to grip and are great to stretch arms, feet, outer thighs, sides, back, etc.

You can also use them one handed. They have great stretch to help you get into positions you couldn’t get to on your own. Sometimes our legs just don’t bend as far and that’s ok!

Maybe you need to loosen up your arms and have a random ass pole in your backyard. Loop the strap around it and pull in to stretch shoulders, biceps. It offers great resistance.

The strap can also be closed in a door jamb and used for an overhead tricep stretch.

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