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May 27, 2020

Each month, Bout Betties donates a portion of every subscription purchased to a randomly chosen league. The league chosen for April 2020 is Tri-City Roller Derby in Waterloo, Ontario in Canada.

Tri-City was formed in 2010 and is a member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. The league has three home teams, a travel team and a junior roller derby team.

As part of its support of Tri-City, Bout Betties interviewed two of its skaters to find out more about the league and what makes roller derby important to them.


Smack, center, doing what she does best with Tri-City’s Venus Flytraps. Photo Credit: Richard Lafortune

Full derby name: Smack KerouWhack. But I mostly just go by Smack these days.

Position: Blocker

Roles you have within Tri-City: Bouts committee and dues officer.

Years doing derby: I have been skating for 6 years.

Favorite derby moment in your career: My first ever WFTDA charter game was at last year’s NA East Cups in Lancaster. It was pretty awesome.

Favorite hobby outside of derby: Trying to keep my plants alive.

Fun fact about you: I’m afraid of caterpillars.


Violent No-Regard after playing with the Venus Flytraps. Photo credit: Darren Stehr

Full derby name: Violent No-Regard, #303 – but my teammates call me Ashfield (my last name). 

Age: 31

Position you play in derby: I am a pivot & play the “outside butt” position on Thunder (our A team), though I dabble in other positions on my home team, the Venus Flytraps (VFT).

Roles you have within Tri-City: A few, haha. Firstly, I’m on the Board of Directors, as the Vice President. I’m also the Head (and sole member) of the Membership committee, and am on the Policy committee. I co-captained Thunder for the 2019 season, and have been a captain of the VFT for a number of seasons now.

Years doing derby: Almost 8 years in the derby world, 7 with TCRD. I did low-contact briefly before, but I always knew I wanted to play full contact.

Favorite derby moment in your career: It’s definitely hard to pick just one! I have so many amazing memories of playing at tournaments (including the NA East Cup & D2), hosting events, and laughing with my teammates. Though, I think trips to Beast of the East, with my very fun home team, the VFT, are definitely a highlight that I’ll always remember. 

Favorite pre-bout pump-up song: I don’t have one in particular, but usually a fun 80s playlist will do the trick!

Favorite hobby outside of derby: There are hobbies outside of derby??? Hm, I guess when I’m not skating I like to spend time with my family and my dogs, play games, swim in lakes, do puzzles, travel, hike, and recently I have gotten into pottery.

Fun fact about you: I always thought I would have a Ninja Turtle derby name, as I love TMNT, but never ended up with one! 

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