March 31, 2020

Each month, Bout Betties donates a portion of every subscription purchased to a randomly chosen league. The league chosen for February 2020 is Gem City Roller Derby, in Dayton, Ohio. 

Gem City is a nonprofit, women’s flat-track roller derby team that was founded in 2006 and is a member of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. The league plays nearly year-round with three competitive travel teams: Purple Reign, Violet Femmes and Lavender Haze; and three home teams: Bully Frogs, Murder Squad and Snark Attack. 

As part of its support of Gem City, Bout Betties interviewed two of its skaters to find out more about GCRD and what makes roller derby important to them.


Photo Credit: Chris Baker

A Minute with Kayotik of Gem City Roller Derby

Full Derby Name: Kayotik

Age: 34

Position: Blocker

Role within Gem City: Merch Committee Member

Years You’ve Done Derby: 5

Favorite Derby Moment: Getting to Skate with Lady Trample

Favorite Pre-Bout Pump-Up Song: No particular song, but it’s usually a metal or rock song. 

Favorite Hobby Outside of Derby: Collecting horror/sci-fi memorabilia

Fun Fact About Me: KISS is my favorite band.

Photo Credit: Chris Baker

A Minute with Outer Spacey of Gem City Roller Derby

Full Derby Name: Outer Spacey

Age: 29

Position: Pivot

Role within Gem City: League Mediator

Years You’ve Done Derby: 10 – took one of those years off for ACL surgery and to have a baby.

Favorite Derby Moment: Either going to the WFTDA NA East Cups with Reign (Gem City’s charter team) or skating for the Ohio All Stars. 

Favorite Pre-Bout Pump-Up Song: Anything by Incubus. 

Favorite Hobby Outside of Derby: Being a mom and a mental health therapist. 

Fun Fact About Me: I can fit my whole fist in my mouth!

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us and good luck with your season! Learn more about the Support Local Roller Derby Program here. Your team could be randomly chosen next!

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