DIY skate pinata

April 30, 2020

Looking for a way to keep your hands (and little skaters) busy while social distancing at home? This skate piñata can be easily made with mostly household items – bonus points if you have colorful streamers just lying around! Use it as decor or fill it with candy and break it. You’ll find the full instructions below:

What you need:

  • Cardboard (size will determine the amount needed)
  • Scissors/box cutter 
  • Tape
  • Glue sticks 
  • Streamers: colors are up to you! (we’ll be using black, silver and purple) 

*Note: These instructions are designed to work with any size skate piñata, however measurements/colors may need to be adjusted to fit your needs*

  1. Draw 

– You will only need to draw the skate on one section of the cardboard.

  1. Cut 

– Cut the first side and use it as a stencil so both sides match. Cut side 2. 

– Using the scraps find pieces that are 5 inches wide, length is not too important. (These strips will be used to connect the sides later on)

– Wrap the black streamer around the widest part of the skate and cut. Use this as a measure to cut another 10-15 strips of black streamer and 2 strips of silver. You may need to cut more later on but this is a good base. 

– Fold these strips several times until they are around 3-6 inches. Cut fringe into these strips, no more than half way. (We’ll cut the purple later)

  1. Build 

– Using the longer strips, tape to the bottom right where the wheels meet the bottom. If using multiple strips, place close together but don’t worry about taping them. This will help when trying to break it! 

– Continue taping the strips to the sides leaving little space between each piece. When you get to the top, leave a 3-4 inch hole. Find a strip that matches this length.

– Tape this on both sides on the edge of the skate. This will be the candy door!

  1. Decorate


-Start from the bottom with the silver, this will be the plate. Glue the first strip so that the fringe is hanging off, just a bit. Glue the second strip above the first, lining the bottom of strip 2 to the middle of strip 1. 

-Continue this pattern as you move up the skate with the black streamer. When you reach the toe area of your skate you will notice the strips may not line up perfectly. This is where we will begin to only cover the sides and heel. Leave about a half inch from the top uncovered. (Trim strips as needed and keep scraps)

– Using the shorter strips/scraps fill in the tongue, the toe area, the top and the candy door. Fill in the last portion around the top, glue and fold over. 


-Use uncut silver streamer to measure from the top of the tongue to about 6 inches from the toe and cut. Cut a second silver strip. Fold both in half across length (hot dog style), glue to the edge of each side.

-Cut 2 long purple strips and fold hot dog style . These will be your laces. Glue at an angle connecting to silver edges. Fold making an angle and glue to the opposite side. Repeat until you reach the top.

-Make bow with uncut purple streamer. 


– Starting from the outside, glue fringe pieces around until you meet the plate. Continue in circles until you reach the middle. Cut a circle out of the silver for the bolt and glue in the middle. Repeat on all 4 wheels 

You can also add additional flair with construction paper! 

  1. Fill with candy and break!!!

-Use scissors to make a hole on either side of the candy hole to add a string. Avoid putting it too close to the edge as the weight of the candy can cause it to tear.

Written By: Carmen SlamDiego

Carmen is a member of Orlando Roller Derby, CIB Orlando and moonlights as a craft goblin. If you’re interested in your own custom pinata, reach out to her!  

@diy.did.i.try ⇐ craft IG

@carmen_slamdiego ⇐ Skate IG

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