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Get to know us here! Have you ever wanted to learn more about who’s behind creating these kickass boxes for you each & every month? Or maybe you wanna know what we do here at Bout Betties? Ever care to know what gear we like skating with?! Well, we have you covered, keep on reading!



Graphic designer, married with (doggie) children & a new little guy named Lars, Army vet, DIYer, binge-watcher of many things, and expert level procrastinator.

Derby name: Taco Bruiseday (I love Tacos & Tuesdays …enough said)

Derby number: #919 (My wedding anniversary)

Started Derby: Feb. 2016

Current position: Blocker

Derby gear: A hodgepodge of shiza. Triple 8 wrist guards, TSG knee pads, Smith Scabs Cheetah elbow pads, hockey helmet, & Sisu Mouthguard

Skates: Jackson Elite boots

Wheels: Sure-Grip Fugitive 96A

What do you do at Bout Betties: Design work, maintain the website, help find badass companies & products to partner with and lots of unfun stuff like paperwork.



Wife to a Military man, Marine, mother of a happy little girl, with a new little dude, jack of all trades but master of none because of lack of time in the day, lover of emojis, true crime podcasts and reading.

Derby name: Ratchet-Face. I used to watch the movie “Cry-Baby” all the time and loved the Hatchet-Face character. I love wearing crazy and colorful makeup or bout makeup, which can get messed up. It acts as a hilarious reminder to not take bout looks too seriously cause it’ll get messed up one way or the other.

Derby number: #567 My birthday is in May, my hubby’s is in June and my daughters is in July.

Started Derby: Went to my first boot camp in March 2016.

Current position: Currently not bouting due to recovering from a broken tib/fib.

Derby gear: Smith Scabs kneepads, S1 Helmet, Atom Gear elbow pads, Smith Scabs gaskets, SISU mouthguard, GumBall toe stops

Skates: Luigino Vertigo F1

Wheels: Radar Presto 97A

What do you do at Bout Betties: Maintain the social media profiles across the interwebs, weekly shipments of items bought in the shop, Product Procurement, and Brand Ambassador Management.



Married, mother of two crazy little girls, Geek, Cosplayer, Harry Potter Lovin’, Star Wars Family, Work from home Momma, Roller Derby is my sanity time.

Derby name: Night Witch (In WWII there were Russian woman pilots that used to fly at night and bomb the Nazis. They flew crazy fast and in crop duster planes. They ran like 8 missions a night and were hard to catch or shoot down. They would idle their engines before attacking and couldn’t be heard. The Germans nicknamed them Night Witches)

Derby number: 501 for the 501st (a Star Wars charity organization that specializes in helping Make A wish stuff. My husband is a member)

Started Derby: November 2015

Current position: Fresh Meat Trainer/ NSO

Derby gear: Triple 8

Skates: Sure Grip

Wheels: 94s, they were given to me by Ethyl Agitate

What do you do at Bout Betties: Customer Service, Product Procurement, and Scheduling

Packing Crew

Avada Kadavra, BeatHer Pan, Candi Pain, Goldie Racks, Lil’ArieHell, Night Witch, Ratchet-Face, Shottie 2 Hottie, Smash n Dash, Taco Bruiseday, Ronda Rowdee, Asian Flush, Hell 2 Pae, Dewey Decimate, Inskatiable, Eva Seration, Scarlett Quinn, Mr. Taco, Mr. Ratchet, Baby Ratchet, Katie

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