Ambassador Program

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Wanna Join the Bad Ass Betties Ambassador Team?

Being a Bout Betties Ambassador means:
*Getting to know other Bad Ass betties.
*Learning about new companies & products while doing what you love.
*Having an active social media, ya know blog’s… Instagram… the book o’ face. As long as you enjoy doing it & other people look at it, we’re in.
Hey, who wouldn’t wanna receive free products to review!
*Shouting from the rooftops… well not literally. We want someone we can collaborate with over a virtual glass o’ wine. Cool peeps that can share ideas & help make this the best effin product out there.
*Invitation to Bad Ass betties Ambassadors Facebook Group to share ideas, chat & post questions.
*Only open to US residents at this time, you don’t have to be on a team to apply. Instagram account is required*

Meet our Bout Betties Ambassadors

Legs #23


Minnesota Roller Girls

Suzie B. Catastrophe #17

Triple Threat

Bradentucky Bombers (flat track) & Deadly Rival Roller Derby (banked track)

Slayboy Bunny #53


Mid-Atlantic Roller Derby

Quentin Tearintoyou #10


Femme Fianna of the Dockyard Derby Dames